What Kind of Bolts Do You Need for a Honda's Oil Pan?


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Different model years, models and engines have different oil pan and bolt requirements, but most Honda oil pans need a set of 16 bolts with individual gaskets and a single M14-1.5 or M16-1.5 drain plug. The bolts may be steel or aluminum. Most Acuras and Accords use 35-millimeter bolts.

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A frequent complaint among Honda owners is leaky gaskets and oil pans caused by stripped or over-tightened nuts and bolts when reattaching the oil pan after an oil change. One way to avoid leaks caused by stripped or over-tightened oil pan bolts is to adhere to the manufacturer bolt torque specifications when replacing the oil pan after an oil change and tighten the bolts in proper sequence, something an owner should discuss before selecting a mechanic.

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