What Kind of Boats Can You Get From the Fisher Boat Company?

The Fisher Boat Company sells new and used sail boats. It sells boats by Yarmouth and Fisher Motors and carries models such as the Yarmouth 23 Gaff Cutter and the Fisher 25.

Located in the UK, the Fisher Boat Company has been building quality sail boats for years. All Fisher boats are designed by Gordon Wyatt and David Freeman, and both men were trained in the ship-building industry. The men pride themselves on building boats that are safe and strong.

An example of a well-built ship is the Yarmouth 23 Gaff Cutter. The Gaff Cutter is a 23-foot long ship with a dry, sheltered cockpit and seating for six. The boat is built with unusually wide side decks and the decks are built using sealed Ceylon teak wood. The galley on the Gaff Cutter contains a sink and plate and cutlery storage and options include a gas hob with grill and a built-in hot water system.

The Fisher 25 is a 25-foot long boat with a transom stern and a large cockpit. A favorite among experienced yachtsmen, the Fisher 25 can be fitted with up to five berths and operators may steer the boat from the filler or the wheelhouse.

Other boats sold by Fisher include the Yarmouth 22 Sloop and the Fisher 37.