What Kind of Belts Does Dayco Make?


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Dayco manufactures a wide range of automotive belts, including serpentine, timing and V-belts. The company also designs and manufactures deep rib, ela stretch, linear groove technology and double-sided belts.

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Dayco develops the Poly Rib line of serpentine belts for passenger cars and light-duty trucks. The company makes its multi-ribbed serpentine belts for rough drives and high-mileage applications. Dayco also designs the ela, deep rib and linear groove technology belts for specific applications, such as direct replacement and import vehicle applications. The company manufactures double-sided belts for multiple accessory drives that require power transmission from both sides of the belt.

Dayco designs and manufactures timing belts for overhead camshaft and DOHC engines. The belts, which feature a modulus glass fiber cord, have a molded cog design that reduces engine noise. Dayco develops timing belts for a wide range of applications ranging from normal service to high-temperature engine service. The company configures the teeth of these timing belts for high-performance applications.

Dayco also manufactures a line of Top Cog V-belts. These belts combine the company's cogged design with a raw-edge construction to sustain a high power transmission in vehicle accessories. Dayco's V-belts also feature three plies of neoprene-impregnated fabric to resist excessive heat.

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