What Are Some Key Things to Check for When Buying a Used Lifted Truck?


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When buying a used lifted truck, check the vehicle’s age, hour meter, brake condition, cylinder scoring and cleanliness. Make sure to also look for signs of wear beneath the hood. Examine the truck for leaks, and ensure all main parts are intact.

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Focus on the condition of the engine and components rather than the truck’s appearance. List the vehicle’s serial number, and find out its manufacturing date by contacting the manufacturer or a dealer. The hours on the meter should closely indicate its age and current condition, since meters on older models typically can be reset.

Determine the type of environment where the truck was used to assess its condition. For example, a truck used in a warehouse with a consistent auto replacement policy is likely in good condition, whereas a truck used in a sawmill possibly requires significant repair. Try driving the truck for a while after checking its parts.

When purchasing online, hire an experienced, local lift truck dealer who can thoroughly evaluate the vehicle. If you decide to buy from a dealer, find out about the truck’s maintenance and repair history, and whether the vehicle was properly reconditioned for resale. Dealers may offer buyers a before-and-after evaluation, allowing customers to assess the quality of the truck reconditioning. Be cautious of extremely low-priced vehicles, and choose reputable dealers and sellers only to avoid unexpected problems.

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