What Are Some Key Features of the Boeing 737-800's Interior Layout?


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Some of the interior features of the Boeing 737-800 include a seating capacity of 154 passengers with a standard seat pitch of 31 inches in Economy class, 37 inches in Economy Plus and 38 inches in First Class. These aircraft have three lavatories: one in the front-end of the aircraft and an additional two in the back end.

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The Boeing 737-800’s seating is made up of 16 First Class seats in rows of two, 48 Economy Plus seats in rows of three and 90 Economy seats in rows of three. The First Class seats are 21 inches wide and recline up to 7.5 inches; the Economy Plus seats are 17.3 inches wide and recline up to 5 inches; and the Economy seats are 17.3 inches wide, reclining up to 3 inches. All seats feature leather construction, with personal in-seat, on-demand entertainment.

While these features apply to the Boeing 737-800 standard model used by some airlines, the number and types of seats are designed according to the requirements of each specific airline employing the aircraft. Certain flight routes that are highly frequented by economy travelers employ aircraft with a smaller number of First and Economy Plus seating to increase Economy seating.

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