What Are the Key Features of the BMW I8?


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The key features of the BMW I8 are its hybrid engine design, its unique exterior and its ability to provide a smooth driving experience. The car has been engineered in such a way that creates a power efficient vehicle that is pleasant for its driver to operate.

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What Are the Key Features of the BMW I8?
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The hybrid design of the BMW i8 allows the driver to experience the combination of an electric and gasoline engine. By enabling the driver to provide power to the vehicle by plugging it in and recharging the battery at home, he is able to replace most of the fuel he would normally use with electricity. This helps keep the atmosphere cleaner by producing fewer emissions as a result of using less fuel, which also saves the driver money.

The BMW i8, with its compact low-ride design, has the look and feel of a sports car, which improves aesthetics as much as it improves performance. Not only does the car look striking, its carefully engineered shape and unique scissor doors enhance its ability to run more efficiently by making the vehicle lighter and more aerodynamic.

The different drives modes the BMW i8 offers, such as Comfort, Eco and Pro, enable the driver to change driving modes depending on what sort of terrain or driving conditions he is driving in. This helps to provide a smooth driving experience in any given situation.

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