What Are Kelley Blue Book Boat Values?

While the Kelley Blue Book offers a price guide for cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles and personal watercraft, the company's official website indicates they do not offer a guide for boats; however, several other companies, including the National Automotive Dealer's Association, offer price guides some people mistakenly call the Blue Book price. Neither NADA nor the other companies offering boat values have any relation to the Kelley organization.

Leslie Kelley founded the Kelley Car Company in1918. Kelley and his brother Buster published their first Blue Book in 1926, and it quickly became the standard guide to determine the value of a vehicle. The company changed its name to the Kelley Blue Book Co. Inc., the same year it published this book. While it remained a car dealership for several years, by the 1960s it was a specialty publisher, producing annual automobile price guides.

Kelley Blue Book began a website in 1996. AutoTrader.com bought the company in 2010 and operates it as a subsidiary, as of 2014.

NADA guides cover powerboats, sailboats, boat trailers, outboard motors and personal watercraft. Financial institutions, government agencies and insurance agencies depend on its used car guides and other publications. Like Kelley Blue Book, NADA provides paper publications and information on the Internet.