How Do You Keep Windshield Wipers From Icing Up?

keep-windshield-wipers-icing-up Credit: Spaces Images/Blend Images/Getty Images

Options for keeping windshield wipers from icing up or freezing include switching them out for winterized wipers, switching wiper fluid to a winter formula and using a de-icing spray on the windshield itself. In addition, driving slowly and cautiously and de-icing the windshield before driving also help with windshield wiper problems.

When windshield wipers freeze or ice up, they are unable to do their job of keeping the windshield clear, making winter driving even more dangerous. One of the simplest solutions to this problem is to replace the wiper blades with special winter blades that are designed of material that resists freezing. Another special product available to help with the issue of frozen windshield wipers includes de-icing strips that mount directly onto the windshield and act as permanent squeegees to scrape ice and snow off the windshield wiper every time it crosses the strip.

De-icing sprays are also available to spray on the windshield and break up accumulated ice; although they do not work specifically on windshield wipers, they do make the wipers' job easier by clearing the way for them. Winter formula wiper fluid is also a good idea during cold weather, as it is specially formulated not to freeze and helps keep wipers from freezing; this fluid is typically red or yellow to distinguish it from standard wiper fluid. Finally, driving slowly during winter weather is not only a good idea for safety but also keeps the temperatures slightly lower as they cross the windshield, helping windshield wipers to stay unfrozen.