How Do You Keep an Automobile Maintenance Log?

How Do You Keep an Automobile Maintenance Log?

To keep an automobile log, use a notebook or maintenance software to record relevant details of maintenance schedules. Record details such as the type of servicing done, when oil changes are made, the mileage obtained, the tire condition and any accidents. Use the log to schedule air filter and brake pad replacements and to inspect the tire pressure.

If using a notebook to keep an automobile log, buy a book with a minimum of 100 pages, dividers and a plastic cover. On the first page of the notebook, write the VIN, model, make and insurance details of the vehicle, and also mention the present mileage.

List the type of servicing jobs done along with any important changes. Note the date on which the fuel tank is filled, the quantity of fuel filled and the date of refill. Use these details to calculate the vehicle's mileage. Note the date of oil change and the type of oil used.

Record the tire tread depth at regular intervals and the tire type. When noting accident details, include information such as the damage that occurred, the parts replaced and the expenses involved.

If using maintenance software, record the same details, and set the alerts to receive reminders regarding routine servicing. Software, with its numerous pages, is useful for recording maintenance information in great detail. File the maintenance receipts, and keep them along with the log.