How Do You Join the DFW Mustangs Car Club?


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According to the DFW Mustangs car club, prospective members must file an application to join, find a sponsor, pass a vote and pay a fee. Prospective members must also attend a specified number of club events before being accepted to the club.

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Sponsors for prospective members must themselves be members in good standing when the application is filed. The application must also include the sponsor's information. As of 2014, the prospective member must attend at least six events and one monthly meeting within six months after applying. The membership dues and application must be turned in at least seven days before the meeting at which the members vote on acceptance. The fee in 2014 is $25 per family, or $45 for two full spousal memberships. At the time of application, the fee is prorated based on the date of application, with the new fee year beginning on April 1.

Membership includes the applicant's spouse and any children under 21 years of age. In order for the spouse to get a vote, however, the two-spouse membership fee must be paid. All fees are refunded if the vote goes against the applicant. To be considered for membership, the applicant must own a Mustang and be 21 years of age or older.

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