What Jobs Require a CDL License?


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Some jobs that require a Commercial Driver's License include delivery driver positions and truck driver positions within logistical shipping companies. Many fracking companies also hire drivers with a Commercial Driver's License to transport water, sand, chemicals, and supplies to and from fracking sites.

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Job hunting websites, such as Career Builder and Indeed.com, contain numerous listings for jobs that require a Commercial Driver's Licence. Listings on the Career Builder website are organized by broad categories, such as jobs within a specific industry or jobs in a certain city or state. However, Career Builder offers a robust searching system that allows users to browse all listings by several criteria, including keywords found within the posting. Searching the site's listings with the keywords "Commercial Driver's License" allows users to see all listings that mention the phrase anywhere in the job description, which is often in the requirements section. These listings can be filtered by other criteria to allow users to find the most relevant positions.

Listings on Indeed.com can be filtered through similar options to narrow down relevant results. Each listing contains information about the company or individual offering the job, including a rating from past and current employees. Each employer has a star rating in addition to individual written reviews.

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