What Is a Jiffy Lube Transmission Flush?


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A transmission flush from Jiffy Lube occurs when the transmission fluid is removed from the car, then refilled. This is one of three different transmission services that Jiffy Lube offers to its customers.

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What Is a Jiffy Lube Transmission Flush?
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If a simple transmission flush is all that is needed, technicians at Jiffy Lube can remove the drain plug on the transmission, drain out the fluid, reinstall the plug and refill the transmission. The technicians also ensure that the fluid is filled to the correct level.

In some cases, the transmission filter is bad and should be replaced. In this case, the Jiffy Lube technicians remove the pan and filter from the transmission, and then replace the filter. While doing so, the old gasket material is removed and replaced, the pan is reinstalled and the transmission is refilled with fluid to the right level.

The third transmission service offered by Jiffy Lube is known as a fluid exchange and filter replacement service. In this case, in addition to changing the transmission fluid and the filter, other fluids, such as the transmission cooler and the torque converter are also replaced.

Car owners should note that this type of service is needed on all vehicles, and it should be done based on the manufacturer's recommendations. A person can obtain this information from the manufacturer or consult with a Jiffy Lube technician for more information about these services.

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