What Jeep Models Offer Running Lights?


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As of the 2015 model year, only the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited feature daytime running lights as a standard feature. All Jeep models with running lights feature light-emitting diode lamps. LEDs provide the traditional safety of daytime running lights while reducing power consumption.

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While daytime running lights are only a standard feature of Jeep's premium models, there are many ways for drivers to add daytime running lights to their vehicles. Running light kits range from inconspicuous models that directly replace the original headlight to elaborate, multi-lamp arrays that require significant modifications to the vehicle. Because installing aftermarket daytime running lights requires altering the vehicle's electrical wiring system, Jeep drivers who are not experienced with automotive electronics should leave the task up to a mechanic.

Despite their popularity, there is evidence that suggests daytime running lights may actually negatively affect safety in many circumstances. While they were initially introduced to improve roadway safety in countries such as Norway, where it is frequently dim even during the day, daytime running lights are now used in many countries without this problem. Overuse of daytime running lights increases glare and visual distraction, and it can even obscure turn signals or brake lights. Drivers using daytime running lights sometimes forget to activate their headlights in low light situations.

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