What Are Jayco Camping Trailers?


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Jayco camping trailers are a type of recreational mobile housing unit for use as outdoor accommodations. As of 2015, the company offers three different models: the Jay Series, the Jay Series Sport and the Jay Series Hardwall. All models require a truck, sports utility vehicle or similar automobile for towing.

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A camping trailer varies from a motorized recreational vehicle in that it does not have a built-in motor or means of moving on its own. Owners need to attach the trailer to another vehicle and pull it along between locations. The Jayco camping trailers are also smaller than traditional recreational vehicles as well as many other common camping trailer models, due to the unique design. The Jay Series and Jay Sport series each features a fold-out tenting area that expands the internal space of the trailer, allowing for the accommodation of up to eight people, depending on the model. The Jay Series Hardwall does not have the tenting feature, and thus houses a smaller number of passengers.

Other features of the Jayco camping trailers include designated sleeping areas, which additional sleeping locations in the fold-out areas, as well as kitchenettes that contain a sink and cook top. The Jay Series Hardwall also offers a bathing area because its fully enclosed interior prevents any water leakage. All models also contain sitting and dining areas as well.

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