What Items Are Used to Replace a Windshield Wiper?

Aside from the wiper replacements, the only items used to replace windshield wipers are a soft cloth rag and a flat-head screwdriver. Since most cars have different wiper connectors, it is important to check the owner's manual before changing the blades.

Changing out wiper blades takes several steps. First, be sure to select the correct blades. Most car part stores have a book with most car makes and models.

Next, remove the old blades. This usually involves pushing in a clip on the connector. The flat-head screwdriver makes it easy, as some of the clips are very small. Once the blades are removed, carefully rest the arms on the windshield using the cloth rag as a buffer between the metal and the glass.

Finally, attach the new blades. The new blade usually snaps into place when installed correctly.