What Are Some Items on a Truck Inspection Checklist?


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Items included on pre-trip truck inspections relate to the engine, lights, fuel area, brakes and cab. Inspection checklists include the coupling system when a trailer is pulled. Powered industrial truck inspections include motor-on and motor-off items, and the U.S. Department of Transportation inspections include driver-specific items.

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Gear box and hoses, alternator, power steering fluid, oil and coolant levels and the condition of these reservoirs are part of the engine inspection. Checklists also include the steering column, springs and the condition of specific connections such as the pitman arm, drag link and tie rod. The condition of the fuel tanks and fuel cap are among fuel-related items inspected.

Service brakes, parking brake and trailer brake connections as well as the brake chamber, brake hose and brake drum are additional checklist items. Inspections related to coupling include the electric line, specifically its condition at both ends, the glad hands and condition of the seals, the apron and skid plate.

Cab inspection items include the windshield wipers, horn, rear view mirrors and steering devices. Inspections also confirm that the truck carries the appropriate emergency equipment and that headlights, tail and brake lights, and turn signals are functioning properly. Condition of tires and wheel rims are also key inspection items. The driver's operating license, medical certificate and daily log are periodically inspected.

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