What Are Some Items That Can Be Found at the Mercedes-Benz Scrap Yard?


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While Mercedes-Benz does not operate its own scrap yards, many other scrap and salvage yard businesses commonly carry a wide array of Mercedes-Benz parts, including seats, doors, carburetors and electrical components. Due to the nature of scrap yards, the availability of specific parts varies over time and between scrap yards.

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A scrap yard, also known as a salvage yard, is a type of business that purchases vehicles that have sustained a significant amount of damage. When an insurance company evaluates a car after an accident and determines the cost of fixing it is close to or beyond the potential resale value of the car, it issues it a salvage title. Salvage yards then purchase these cars and sell their parts, rather than attempting to fix them and sell them as functioning vehicles. As such, when a Mercedes-Benz vehicle enters a salvage yard, it may contain any number of functioning parts.

Many salvage yards maintain online part request tools that allow customers to send inquiries about a specific part. In terms of Mercedes-Benz parts, the customer usually requests a specific part for a specific model, such as an alternator for a 1992 300E Sedan. The yard is then able to check its inventory for that vehicle and look for the part or locate a vehicle that contains a compatible part.

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