What Are Some Items Auctioned by Ritchie Bros.?

Ritchie Bros. auctions off used heavy equipment including trucks, trailers, excavators, cranes and other items. Ritchie Bros. offers a full listing of items available through future auctions at RBAuction.com in the Current Inventory section. The website organizes items by categories including agriculture, construction, lifting, trailers and others, as of 2015.

Ritchie Bro's. agriculture inventory contains items such as scrapers, tractor attachments, landscape equipment, grain-handling devices and harvest equipment. Construction items available include dozers, loaders, drills, compactors and other machinery. The lifting section contains boom trucks, forklifts, scissor lifts, telescopic handlers and crane accessories. Trailers auctioned by Ritchie Bros. include asphalt trailers, dump trailers, low-bed trailers, reel trailers and others.