What Italian Sports Car Returned to the US Market in 2014?

italian-sports-car-returned-market-2014 Credit: supergenijalac/iStock Editorial/Getty Images

The Alfa Romeo 4C was the automobile company's leading model in the 2014 US relaunch. Before the relaunch, Alfa Romeo had not sold cars in the US market since 1995.

The 4C is a very small sports car measuring in at just 13 feet long, but it features a 270-horsepower engine, rear-wheel drive, a mid-position engine and an excellent thrust-to-weight ratio. "Car and Driver Magazine" also considers the vehicle to be very stylish. It was priced around $68,400 for a base model in the US, as of 2014.

As part of the brand's reentry to the US market, the Chrysler Group, which owns Alfa Romeo, authorized 86 of its existing dealerships in 33 US states to begin selling a special launch edition of the 4C, with most dealerships popping up in California, Florida and Texas. In total, 500 launch editions of the 4C will be released to the dealerships. According to AutoWeek, the number of dealerships could climb to 300.

According to "Car and Driver Magazine," the 4C may compete with Chevy Corvette, Porsche Cayman and Audi TTS, all of which have been available in the United States. The magazine also points out that, because Alfa Romeo can't price the 4C below $60,000, the vehicle will compete price-wise with sports cars with better performance and features rather than cars more similar to the 4C in class, possibly keeping some would-be buyers away.