What Is Involved in a Vehicle Carburetor Rebuild?


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A vehicle carburetor rebuild involves removal of the carburetor from the vehicle, disassembly of the carburetor, cleaning and reassembly of its parts, and replacement of the carburetor into the vehicle. A vehicle owner should obtain a rebuild carburetor kit that suits his vehicle model before attempting this task.

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To rebuild a carburetor, first protect your hands and eyes with gloves and safety goggles. Loosen the nuts and screws that secure the carburetor on the engine with a wrench set and a screwdriver, detach the carburetor from the vehicle and set it on a working table. Be sure your workplace has proper ventilation to avoid inhaling gas emissions from the carburetor.

Once the carburetor is off the vehicle, refer to the instructions on the rebuild kit before starting to dismantle the carburetor. To disassemble the carburetor, remove the accelerator pump and cover, detach the choke and hoses, and then loosen off the screws, taking care to remember how the parts are attached.

After disassembly, wet a towel with a carburetor cleaner, and use the dampened towel to wipe off all dirt from the parts before rinsing them with clean water and allowing them to dry. Once the parts dry completely, reassemble them according to the rebuild kit instructions. Finally, reattach the carburetor back into the engine and ignite the engine to test the carburetor.

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