What Is Involved in Rebuilding a Carburetor?


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Rebuilding a carburetor typically involves studying the whole part, disassembling the unit, cleaning the components and reassembling the unit. Replacing the carburetor and igniting the engine to test the carburetor completes the process.

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To gain knowledge on how to rebuild a carburetor, a car owner buys a kit that suits the carburetor of his car, either online or from stores that sell auto parts, and reads the instructions in the kit carefully. Once the instructions are understood, the owner wears safety gear, including safety goggles and gloves, removes the carburetor from the car, and sets the carburetor on a work surface. To avoid inhaling exhaust emissions from the carburetor, the work room should have proper ventilation.

To dismantle the carburetor, the car owner first removes the accelerator pump and the cover. He then removes the chalk, hoses and screws. The whole procedure for the removal should be written down for reference during reassembly. Once the carburetor is disassembled, the owner cleans the individual parts by wiping them with a carburetor cleaner, rinses them with clean water, lets them dry properly and reassembles them according to the kit instructions. The accelerator pump, hoses and chalk cables are reattached to the carburetor, and the part is restored in its place in the car.

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