What Is an Invoice for a TOLL-BY-PLATE?

What Is an Invoice for a TOLL-BY-PLATE?

As of 2015, invoices for TOLL-BY-PLATE are issued to first-listed registered owners of vehicles that pass through a toll collection booth without paying the toll. The invoice reflects the toll amount and an administrative fee.

TOLL-BY-PLATE is a toll collection system available on sections of the Florida Turnpike. The program is meant to improve health and safety for the Turnpike system by reducing traffic congestion and air pollution. It also provides a convenient and efficient method of payment for motorists.

When a vehicle passes through the toll collection booth, the toll payment is made by cash or through an electronic transponder. If the payment is not made, a photograph is taken of the vehicle's license plate and an invoice is sent to the registered owner.

Failure to pay the invoice by the specified due date results in an additional administration charge upon issuance of a second invoice. Failure to pay a second invoice may result in the balance being assigned to a collection agency. According to Florida law, the Department of Transportation is also authorized to put a hold on the vehicle's registration and issue a traffic citation.

Disputes of an invoice must be made within 90 days of the toll transaction by writing, in person or by phone. Disputes may require additional documentation from the registered owner and are subject to review.