At What Intervals Do You Need VW Service?


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Volkswagen divides its service intervals into oil changes, interval services and inspection services. The company recommends that customers have oil changes performed every 9,375 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. Interval services occur every second oil change, at 18,750 miles or 24 months.

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During interval services, technicians change and replace fluids and components that wear out regularly and predictably. Volkswagen recommends customers have their first inspection service after 36 months or 37,500, and then subsequent inspection services every 24 months or 37,500 miles after that. The company recommends that customers change their cars' brake fluid on the inspection service schedule. An indicator in the car keeps track of oil and interval services, while a table on the door pillar or in the owners' manual tracks brake fluid and inspection services.

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