How Do You Interpret Diagnostic Codes for Cummins Engines?

How Do You Interpret Diagnostic Codes for Cummins Engines?

A blue maintenance lamp means that the engine requires maintenance, while a yellow light indicates that a failure has occurred where it can operate without causing progressive damage. A red light means that a major failure has occurred, while a flashing red light means that a shutdown sequence has started.

Limp Home is another mode recognized by a yellow lamp and a reduction in engine performance. In the event that it appears, the vehicle is supposed to be taken to the nearest repair location, as said by the company on its website.

When a failure happens to the engine, the diagnostic system has fault codes that light operator lamps depending on the failure. In the event that the failure case is severe, the engine can have speed and power output limitation to reduce progressive damage.

Service technicians use the diagnostic codes to help in troubleshooting as well as identifying the failure mode. The lamps, on the other hand, guide the operator on how to react efficiently to the engine failure.

Cummins engines diagnostic systems monitor how the engine operates through electronic devices that come preinstalled in the vehicle. The information helps determine the cause of the engine failure and also the best remedy.