How Do You Interpret Car Diagnostic Codes?

How Do You Interpret Car Diagnostic Codes?

To interpret car diagnostic codes, use an online code interpreter, such as Actron's code lookup. The person conducting the search needs basic information about the car, such as its make, model and engine type.

To interpret car diagnostic codes:

  1. Go to Actron's website
  2. Actron has a code lookup on the main site, and the code lookup tool can be accessed from the left side panel.

  3. Enter information about the car
  4. Use the drop-down boxes to enter information about the kind of car in question. The information must be selected in order from the top box to the lowest box. In between each selection, the website will load the options for the next selection. This may take several seconds. Start with the make of car, such as Audi, Ford or Hyundai. After the next box has loaded, select the year the car was made. Next, select the model of the car. Then select the type of engine the car has.

  5. Enter diagnostic information
  6. Enter information about the car system which the code relates to. Finally, enter the code. After processing, the site will return a result interpreting the code on the right side of the page.

For example, enter Acura as the make, 2010 as the year, RL as the model, 3.7 as the engine, tire pressure monitor as the system and 31 as the diagnostic code. This will show that the problem is front right tire sensor low battery.