What Is an International Wiring Diagram?


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An International wiring diagram depicts the electrical circuits found in International trucks and is useful for building these circuits. International builds heavy trucks meant for commercial use. Some models of International trucks include the International 9900i, the LoneStar, the ProStar and the TerraStar.

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International Trucks includes wiring diagrams in the service manuals for each of its truck models and sells wiring diagrams online for around fifty dollars, as of August 2015. The diagrams instruct users in the proper layout of circuits that control a truck's electrical functions, including battery, transmission, fans, ignition, lights, power windows, and heating and cooling systems. These diagrams help users troubleshoot problems and make repairs to the electrical systems of International trucks.

Each wiring diagram uses symbols to depict where to make connections in the circuits. Some symbols indicate which direction the electrical current travels through the circuit; others denote where switches, relays and grounds belong in the trucks' systems. The diagrams also contain symbols that represent breakers, fusible links and fuses, which protect the system's wiring.

International Trucks uses multiplexed electrical systems; this type of system makes wiring problems easier to repair. Multiplexing uses binary code signals to help target where wiring problems have occurred in a circuit and helps simplify the wiring in a vehicle. This system comes standard on select models of International trucks, notes Tom Berg, Truck Editor of ConstructionEquipment.com.

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