What Is an International Driving Licence?


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An international driving permit, sometimes referred to as an international driving licence, is a document issued by a government that allows its citizens with a valid driver's licence to legally drive in another country. Requirements for the permit can vary from country to country.

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Many countries do not recognize driver's licenses from other countries as valid proof of driving skills because each country has its own standards and regulations. However, many countries can issue international visitors an international driving permit to allow for legal driving during the visit. The requirements of each country are different, but most require the applicant present her valid driver's license along with two passport-sized photos with her signature on the back to verify her identity. Applicants must also complete all necessary paperwork and pay any associated fees.

The applicant must obtain the international driving permit from the country that issued her driver's license and must carry both the license and the permit with them any time she operates a vehicle abroad. The permit does not act as a replacement for a driver's licence in any country, and is typically valid for one year from the issuing date, as long as the driver's license is valid for that same amount of time.

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