How Does the Interior of an Aftermarket Car Look?


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The interior of an aftermarket car can take on a variety of looks depending on the owner's taste and budget. Car owners can create custom car interiors by replacing the upholstery, adding an aftermarket stereo system or replacing the dashboard material.

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Aftermarket accessories to change the look of a car's interior can be cosmetic or functional. Cosmetic changes include interior accessories such as seat coverings, steering wheel covers and floor mats. Other interior customizations can not only change the look of the car's interior but add function as well. Aftermarket options such as short gear shifters, racing steering wheels and navigation stereo systems can provide a custom look and new capabilities and performance for the car.

The AutoZone website separates interior accessories by category to include specialty cargo and foot well mats that can be adorned with emblems or logos from the car owner's favorite team or organization. Owners can also change the interior lighting from a neutral stock color to a more radical choice such as neon blue or green.

Brake and accelerator pedal pads and trim offer both a cosmetic boost to a car's interior look as well as the function of adding more grip or a custom feel.

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