What Are Some Interesting Facts About Horse-Drawn Vehicles?


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An interesting fact about horse-drawn vehicles is that modern ones, being legally recognized as street vehicles, feature the same headlights, taillights and turn signals more commonly associated with automobiles. Additionally, some cities, such as Chicago, require that horse-drawn vehicles feature specialized devices for catching horse excrement and deodorizing horse urine while on the move.

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Some cities, such as New York City and Chicago, require owners and drivers of horse-drawn vehicles to carry operating licenses not unlike those required of automobile drivers. In Chicago, the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection mandates that horse-drawn vehicle operators must pass an inspection with the City of Chicago Department of Animal Care and Control and show evidence of insurance.

In New York City, horse-drawn vehicle operators can only legally work their horses for a single nine-hour period per day. Horses that pull carriages for transport wear more than traditional metal horseshoes; municipal law often requires them to wear rubber coverings to protect their hooves to a greater degree. In some municipalities, drawing a vehicle with more than one horse is strictly illegal, although some experts argue that carriages pulled by teams of two horses are preferable due to the shared workload and calming affect of horse camaraderie.

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