What Are Some Interesting Amelia Earhart Facts for Kids?

Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She was a celebrated American heroine until she disappeared during a flight between Lae, New Guinea and Howard Island in 1937. Though Earhart is sometimes depicted in movies and photos wearing flying gear, she preferred to wear a suit or dress while in flight.

While Earhart wore goggles while flying, she wouldn't put them on until she was close to lifting off as she taxied to the end of the field. As soon as she returned the flight to the ground, she would quickly remove them.

Earhart was such a popular figure in the United States that she became friends with Eleanor Roosevelt and promised to teach the First Lady how to fly before she disappeared. Many people wrote letters to Earhart to tell her that they had named daughters, bodies of water, and animals "Amelia."

After Earhart disappeared, the United States spent $4 million looking for her. This made the search the most expensive air-and-sea search in the country's history at that point. Along with Charles Lindbergh, Earhart is one of the most well-known pilots in U.S. history. Because her slim frame and facial features were similar to Lindbergh's, she was often referred to as "Lady Lindy."