What Are the Instructions for Using a Remote Vehicle Starter?


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The instructions for using a remote vehicle starter include pressing the right button to start the car, using the valet button to activate the valet mode, and choosing between passive locking and active locking modes. A car owner can also switch into different programming modes.

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A remote switch typically works within a thousand feet, allowing people to use the switch from their homes. Vehicle owners should not use a remote starter when parking their cars in a garage and other enclosed areas to prevent the accumulation of toxic carbon monoxide.

When activating the valet mode for valet parking, features such as remote start and door locks are turned on, whereas theft options are switched off. People who often forget to bring their keys are advised to select the active locking mode, because the passive locking mode automatically locks the car, especially when the engine stops or the alarm becomes activated.

To use various programming modes, a person can turn on the ignition or push the brake. Some systems allow car owners to use the remote for programming outside the car. It may be necessary to press a button for a few seconds to choose a different mode or select a combination of buttons. Users should read the manufacturer’s manual to learn about the correct programming setup for their remote car starter.

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