What Are the Instructions for Programming a Dodge Keyless Entry Remote?


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To program a Dodge keyless entry remote, first turn off the vehicle's ignition and find the 16 pin Data Link Connector located under the driver's side dashboard. Link the Pin 1 and Pin 4 by touching a paper clip to each; this grounds the system and lets the vehicle know it is ready for reprogramming. Close the vehicle's doors, and insert the key into the ignition. First turn it to the accessory position, then off.

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The doors make locking and unlocking sounds. Press any button on the new keyless entry remote. Press the button twice more to indicate that programming is complete. If the doors lock and unlock again, the code was transmitted from the remote to the Data Link Connector correctly. Begin to use the remote after removing the paper clip from the Data Link Connector pins.

When first placing the key into the ignition, do not turn the engine on. Cranking the engine necessitates starting the reprogramming process from the beginning.

If more than one keyless entry remote needs programmed, follow the same instructions. Within one minute of initially pressing a button on the first keyless entry remote, press buttons on all remotes in need of programming. It is not necessary to repeat the step requiring a double button push for all remotes.

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