How Do You Find Instructions for Fiberglass Boat Floor Repair?


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Find instructions for fiberglass boat floor repair at DoItYourself.com. The website features step-by-step instructions for fiberglass boat floor replacement and lists the tools necessary to complete the job. These tools include BC plywood sheets, carpenter square, electric saw, screwdriver and fiberglass matting.

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The first step in repairing a fiberglass boat floor repair is to remove the old flooring with an electric saw, and also remove any rotten bulkheads or stringers. Remove any connections, and then remove the console and seat. If replacing the stringers, take good measurements, as each side may vary slightly, then cut the stringer from the sheet of plywood, and place them in the boat. Screw everything together to create a frame, and then apply the fiberglass matting over it.

Cut the deck flooring into sheets, making sure to measure and leave a hole for the fittings, and fit each one to create the floor. Screw all of the sheets down, and apply the fiberglass matting on top. Fasten the deck to the boat edges, and apply sealant. When the deck is in place, start making the connections with the wires by placing the center console into place. Add the seat, check the connections, and then start the boat to ensure that all electrical connections are correct.

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