How Do You Install a Ziebart Remote Starter?


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Installing a Ziebart remote starter requires electrical and technical expertise. The easiest and safest way to install the remote starter is to visit a local Ziebart service center and have them install it. Failure to correctly install and program the device can result in the vehicle getting locked down as a security measure.

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In order to install a remote starter in a vehicle, first make sure that you have all the right tools available, including an LED tester or digital volt meter, wire cutter and stripper, black wire ties, electrical tape, and power drill with 1/4- and 5/16-inch bits. You also need a metric socket or wrench set. Then search for and download your vehicle's wiring diagram, as well as the wiring diagram and instruction manual for that particular remote starter model. Follow all the instructions in the manual in the proper order to complete the installation. The last step involves programming the remote starter or data interface and testing the system for all features.

Ziebart offers various options with their remote starters, such as additional remote transmitters, door lock and unlock function, truck release, valet mode, and car locator, as well as extended range and two-way paging. Make sure that all the features available with the remote starter have been set up and are working as intended.

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