How Do You Install and Wire a Winch?

How Do You Install and Wire a Winch?

To install and wire a winch, secure it onto the vehicle's bumper with the fairlead mounting plate underneath it using the bolts given. Connect the cables of the winch to the vehicle's battery, and connect the remote control switch in the remote connection .

To install the winch, place the four fiber locknuts into the depressions at the base of the winch. Cover the opening with some tape to prevent the locknuts from falling out.

Position the winch on the vehicle's bumper over the mounting holes. Lift the winch slightly, and slide in the fairlead mounting plate. Affix the end hook, and run the cable via the fairlead. Ensure that the holes of the bumper, the bracket of the fairlead and the winch are in line.

Next, position the two steel spacers under the bumper, and insert the four bolts through them into the bumper, the bracket of the fairlead and the bottom of the winch. Tighten the bolts until a torque of 90 foot-pounds is attained.

To wire the winch, pass both of its two-gauge cables from beneath the vehicle inside the engine compartment and into the battery. Ensure that no sharp objects rub the cables. Connect the winch's red positive cable to the battery's positive terminal and the black negative cable to the battery's negative terminal.

Apply dielectric grease inside the protective caps, and place them on the connections. Finally, remove the protective cover from the winch's remote connection, and insert the remote control switch.