How Do You Install a Water Pump in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

How Do You Install a Water Pump in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

To install a new water pump in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, drain the cooling system, remove any hoses and components such as belts and fans, replace the water pump by applying a coat of waterproof sealer to the new gaskets, positioning the pump against the engine block and installing with mounting bolts. Check the pump to make certain it freely rotates before re-installing the hoses.

In order to install a new water pump:

  1. Disconnect and drain the system
  2. Drain the cooling system by opening the valve on the bottom of the radiator. Disconnect the overflow hose, removing the reservoir bottle, disconnect upper and lower hoses from the radiator with clamps and unbolt the fan shroud. Slide off the serpentine belt by pushing down on the tension pulley and removing. Remove the bolts that are holding the water pump to the engine block from the center outward. Insert a rag into the opening and remove any remains of the old gasket. Disconnect heater hose and bottom radiator hose. Replace the hoses at this time, if necessary.

  3. Install new water pump
  4. Place the new gasket in position and install the pump against the engine block until it is properly mounted. Check to make certain it rotates freely, and install the mounting bolts.

  5. Re-install hoses and refill cooling system
  6. Re-install the pulley wheel, heater hose, serpentine belt, fan and shroud. Reconnect the radiator hoses, overflow bottle and battery cable. Make certain everything is aligned and installed according to manufacturer's specifications.