How Do You Install a Viper Remote Start System?

Installing a Viper remote start system involves running power and control wires to several circuits throughout the vehicle and installing several components including an LED indicator, valet switch, antenna and a hood switch.

Installing a Viper remote start system is not a simple task and should be approached with caution by any person with less than an advanced knowledge of automotive electronics and car audio installations. Installation guides, manuals and help videos can be found on the Support page of Viper's website at If the task appears to be too difficult, contact a local car audio shop or electronics retailer with car audio services to inquire about installation services.

To install a Viper remote start system, first, several interior panels must be removed. Then, several wires must be run to and from a control module to elements including an LED indicator light, a valet switch, an antenna, a hood switch, the starter kill circuit, door trigger circuit, tachometer, ignition and a power circuit. Once all the elements are properly installed, the system must be tested to confirm proper functionality and overall success of the installation. Once the system is tested and fully functional, the wires can be concealed and the panels may be refitted to the interior of the vehicle.