How Do You Install a Viper Car Alarm?


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A Viper car alarm can be installed using the instructions found in the Product Guides and Manuals page in the Support section on Viper.com. Viper car alarm installations usually require an intermediate to advanced level of auto knowledge, including knowledge of interior assembly and disassembling.

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Viper car alarm systems often include several features, which require multiple areas of installation on a vehicle. First, interior plastics are removed to allow for the running of system wires needed to connect the various elements of the alarm system, such as sensors and the alarm horn. Wires must also be connected to a power source as well as the ignition to automatically change modes as a vehicle is turned on and off.

Viper car alarm systems generally includes a horn that is used separately from the car's stock horn and exclusively for the alarm system. The installation is similar to that of a standard car horn. Viper car alarm systems also include a movement sensor, which can detect when a potential intruder may be attempting to forcefully enter the vehicle. The sensor is installed on a shock strut and can detect even the slightest amount of movement, which automatically sets off the alarm system to deter the intruder.

Viper recommends users without car alarm installation experience to consider consulting a professional for installation advice before attempting to install a car alarm on their own.

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