How Do You Install a Uconnect System in Your Dodge?

Install the UConnect system in a Dodge vehicle by mounting it on the vehicle's dashboard and pairing it with a smartphone via Bluetooth. UConnect is a unique voice-activated, hands-free in-vehicle communication unit that enables a phone to connect to the vehicle without the need for wires or a docking system.

If your Dodge vehicle did not come with the Uconnect feature installed, visit a Dodge dealer to purchase the unit and have it installed and synchronized with the vehicle radio. After the hardware dashboard installation is complete, set up and activate the Uconnect system.

Press the UConnect button and follow the voice prompts. After the welcome message, say ?Set up phone pairing.? After the next prompt, say ?Pair a phone.? Select a four-digit personal identification number and say it aloud when the system prompts you. This identification is required to establish a connection between the wireless phone and the UConnect system.

Set up the necessary Bluetooth capability on the phone you wish to pair. Select the UConnect device from the pairing list displayed on the phone. Enter the four-digit personal identification number. When the phone is successfully paired, the system announces that pairing is completed. Make a test call to check the setup.