How Do You Install a Two-Post Lift?

How Do You Install a Two-Post Lift?

To install a two-post car lift, assemble the metal frame, attach all of the functional hardware, lift the frame into place, bolt it securely, and attach the lift arms and guide cables. Connect the lift to a power source, and fill it with hydraulic fluid to make it operational. Test the lift, and examine each bolt and hydraulic connection for faults or leaks that might cause it to fail.

Most two-post lift kits come with all of the necessary bolts and concrete anchors required for installation. Typically, the installer only needs to provide the electrical wiring to the power source and the hydraulic fluid needed to charge the system. The lift is heavy, and having several people at hand to help with the installation process is recommended.

Tighten all of the bolts by hand while assembling the frame on a flat and level concrete garage floor. When all of the parts fit together correctly, torque the bolts to the manufacturer's specifications. Install all of the working parts, such as the hydraulic pump, hydraulic lines, lifting pistons and pulleys.

Stand the frame up, and make sure it is plumb with the floor. Drill the anchor holes into the concrete through the foot-plate holes to ensure proper alignment. Bolt the lift feet to the concrete and the top feet to the overhead support beam.

Insert the pins into the lift-arm mounts and arms. Jiggle the arms until the pins fall securely in place, and attach any guide cables required. Install electrical power and hydraulic fluid, and test the system.