How Do You Install a Turbo?

How Do You Install a Turbo?

To install a turbo, drain all the engine oil, replace the exhaust header with a turbocharger and its accompanying manifold system, and refill the engine with the new oil. Raise the car with a hydraulic lift before undertaking this task.

  1. Raise the car, and drain the engine

    Move the car to a flat surface, and raise its front with a hydraulic lift. Be sure the lift is securely placed to avoid accidents. Put an oil pan underneath the engine, take off the oil plug, and drain all the engine oil into the pan. Reattach the oil plug.

  2. Attach the turbo

    Unscrew the bumper, and fix in the air cooler. Remove the exhaust header from the car, and in its place, put the turbocharger fitted with manifold system. Connect the manifold system to the exhaust of the engine, and attach any oxygen sensor to the mounting hole. Tap the oil filter line, connect the tap to the oil feed line of the turbo, and the return line to the oil pan. Connect the engine's intake lines to the air outlet on the turbo, and attach the lines to the sides of the air cooler.

  3. Test the turbo

    Tighten all the nuts and bolts, and shut off the taps before filling the engine with the new oil. Finally, lower and test the car.