How Do You Install Truck Seats?


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Install new seats in a truck be completely removing the old seat and its mounting hardware, installing the new mounts and affixing the seat to the mounts. If the old or new seats contained electronic mechanisms, check the wiring to ensure the wires remain undamaged.

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How Do You Install Truck Seats?
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Before installing new truck seats, first determine compatibility. If the new seats are from the same model and year of truck, there is little risk of incompatibility. Seats from a different truck or car need to be tested to ensure a proper fit.

Take a look at how the old seats are mounted before unbolting them and their mounting mechanisms. If the new seats come with the same mounting system, their installation should end up relatively quick and easy.

In addition to the actual mounting hardware that connects the seat to the floor of the car, verify that the height of the new seats line up properly with any on-board airbags and the seat belts. If the seat belt mounts need to be moved or adjusted, you may need special legal certification to ensure they are safe to use.

If either of the seats are power seats, take special precautions. Cap or remove old wires no longer in use, and properly attach new wires to avoid electrical damage.

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