How Do You Install Tree Spades on a Skid Steer?


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To install tree spades on a skid steer, first place the tree spades on the ground. Remove any existing attachments, and leave the toolbar locks unlocked. Drive the skid steer behind the spades, lower the toolbar, drive forward until the toolbar lines up with the spade hitch, and close the locks. Connect the tree spade to the skid steer's power and hydraulic systems. Specific installation procedures may vary depending on the manufacturer of the skid steer and the tree spades.

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Turn off the hydraulics on the skid steer. Locate the hydraulic line on the tree spade, and plug the connector into the hydraulic port on the skid steer.

Find the control cable on the tree spade, and connect it to the control unit on the skid steer. The installation process is different for every tree spade. Some models connect to an auxiliary power source, which enables you to use the skid steer's existing controls. Other tree spades come with a joystick, which you must connect to the skid steer's electrical supply and the tree spade's control cable.

Some skid steers and tree spades come with rear stabilizer units. When using such products, connect the power hoses on the tree spade to the stabilizers on the skid steer. Refer to your user manual for specific port locations.

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