How Do You Install Trailer Stairs?

Depending on the type of stairs and model of trailer, installing stairs on a trailer or recreational vehicle may involve measuring and drilling holes, wiring automatic folding stairs to the electrical system, and bolting the hardware to the vehicle's exterior. While the installation of smaller stairs and step-pads may require welding equipment, other hardware kits and options use bolts to ensure a quicker and easier installation. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions prior to beginning the installation.

Installation steps vary depending on the type of stairs, although most installations require careful planning as well as accurate measuring and precise drilling. Always double check measurements to ensure accurate placement and positioning of the stairs. Those who lack the necessary tools and experience may need professional help when installing larger stairs that must be welded to the frame of a vehicle.

The installation of powered folding stairs involves connecting stair equipment to the vehicle's electric system. The process involves locating and identifying the relevant electrical wires and then connecting the power leads and grounding wires. Always restore power to the stairs and perform a test to verify proper operation prior to mounting the stairs to the frame. Depending on the make and model of the trailer and stairs, installation of additional fuses and circuit breakers may be required.