How Do You Install a Toyota Tundra Camper Shell?

To install a camper shell on a Toyota Tundra, install the seal, place the shell on the bed, and clamp it to the truck to ensure it is the correct installation. To keep the shell on permanently, replace the clamps with bolts after carefully checking the installation.

When installing a camper shell on a Toyota Tundra, make sure the shell is the right size by measuring the length and width of the Tundra's bed at the top of each side, as this is where the camper shell rests. It is also important to measure the camper shell. When doing so, make sure the rails of the shell meet the top of all sides of the truck bed.

Install a self-sticking, foam rubber seal around the edge of the camper shell, making sure to cover all of its width. The door does not need a seal. Put the shell on the back of the truck, making sure to align the front of the truck with the front edge of the shell. Make sure the truck and shell have a water-tight seal.

Clamp the shell to the truck with C-clamps. For a short bed, four clamps are necessary. For a long bed, six are required. Space the clamps evenly on each side, and check for proper installation.