How Do You Install a Tow Bar?


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To install a tow bar, first identify a suitable mounting point on the bumper, and remove any obstacles in the way of the mounting point. Place the tow bar perfectly parallel against the car bumper to check whether it fits comfortably. If it does, check whether there is room left for drilling holes. If the car has a plastic bumper, remove the bumper supports attached to it. Next, disconnect the car battery.

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Mark the drilling area on the bumper, and use a hammer and a center punch to create a light indentation in the area. Carefully drill the bumper as per the measurements. Next, use drill bits corresponding to the bolt width of the tow bar brackets to drill straight holes through the bumper. Slide the bolts into the chassis of the car, threading them through the tow bar bracket and the bumper. Secure the bolts using washers.

Wire up the trailer connection using the supplied loom. If there is no supplied loom, use a 4-millimeter gauge insulated copper wire with clip connectors. Next, refit the components you removed prior to fitting the tow bar. Secure the trail connector, bolt the tow ball, and secure the hitch to the receiver. Reconnect the battery, and check whether the trailer connector ports are receiving voltage.

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