How Do You Install a Throttle Body on a Chevrolet?

To replace a throttle body, remove the airbox and the hose that leads from it to the throttle body, then disconnect the wiring to the sensors attached to it, remove the throttle cables and the throttle body mounting bolts. Install the replacement throttle body, and reassemble in reverse order.

The tools needed for this task are a ratchet with assorted sockets and extensions, pliers, a flat head screwdriver and a torx driver. Wear gloves when working with throttle cables.

Disconnect the negative battery cable. If the throttle body has a plastic "hat," remove it. To remove the airbox, disconnect the mass airflow sensor's wiring harness, then remove the airbox mounting bolts. Use pliers and/or a flat head screw driver to loosen the hose clamps for the air intake hose and vacuum hoses leading from the air intake hose to the engine block, and remove the hoses with your hands or gently with pliers. Disconnect the throttle position sensor and any other wiring that connects to the throttle body.

Disconnect the throttle cables (there can be one or two) by opening the throttle and pushing down on the spring-loaded lever with your hand. Sliding the shaft of a screwdriver between the cable and the spring-loaded throttle lever, push the metal pin at the end of the cable out with the same hand that is holding the lever. Remove the throttle body mounting bolts, and inspect the gasket located between the throttle body and intake manifold. Replace the throttle body, and replace the airbox, hoses and sensor connections.