How Do You Install a Tachometer in Your Car?


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To install a tachometer, calibrate the device, strip the wires, and then secure the wires to the battery to begin seeing the rotations per minute on the device. Some of the tools necessary include wire strippers and cutters, a wrench, crimp-on connectors, pliers and a Phillips-head screwdriver.

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To begin, place the device face down, and remove the screws from the rear cup. Locate the dip switches, and then calibrate it to the vehicle, either four or six cylinders. If the vehicle has eight cylinders, skip this step.

Strip about 3/8 inch of insulation from the tachometer's red wire, and insert it into a crimp-on connector. Secure it with crimping pliers, and connect it to the fuse box. Take the white wire, and run it to the instrument light wire, and connect them with a crimp-on device, and then close the tap and cover. Strip the black and green wire, and connect a crimp-on ring to both.

Run the black wire to the passenger compartment and to the negative terminal of the battery. Make sure to tighten the bolt to ensure it is secure. To finish the installation, run the green wire through the passenger compartment to the negative post of the ignition coil. Again, tighten the nut, and make sure it is secure.

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