How Do You Install a Tachometer?


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To install a tachometer, find the tach wire, use a tach meter to verify that you have correctly located the tach wire, remove a dash panel to access the wiring behind it, connect the tach wire to the distributor, and then start the engine to make sure everything works properly. To complete this job, you need a tachometer, wire cutters and strippers, a ratchet and sockets, a screwdriver and a drill.

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The first step is to find the tach wire, which is easier if you find the output from the distributor cap. A tach meter is a useful diagnostic tool that you help you make sure you are working with the right wire. After confirming that it is the correct one, it is helpful to mark the wire for future reference.

Decide where you want to mount the tachometer, and remove a dash panel to get to the wiring. If there is not a suitable hole to run the wire through the firewall to the distributor, you may need to drill one. Run the tach wire through the hole to the distributor wire, and use a crimp to make the connection easier. Once you have made the proper connections, turn the engine on to verify that the tachometer works properly.

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