How to Install Sylvania Auto Bulbs?


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To install Sylvania auto bulbs, locate the bulb assembly, disconnect the bulb from the wiring or bulb holder and replace it with the appropriate Sylvania bulb. Sylvania auto lights are installed in the same manner as other brands of auto bulbs.

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To install Sylvania headlight bulbs, refer to the owner's manual to determine which auto bulb to purchase. After obtaining the correct bulb for the project, open the hood or check behind the front bumper for access to the headlight assembly. Disconnect the wire harness from the bulb holder, using care to avoid breaking the clip that holds the wire harness in place. Twist the bulb gently to release the old bulb holder.

Place a new bulb into the bulb holder, connect the wiring harness and place the bulb into the headlight assembly. Do not touch the glass of the bulb. Twist the bulb clockwise to secure it, and secure the clip that holds the bulb holder in place. Repeat the process with the other headlight.

To install other types of lights, such as the interior light, refer to the owner's manual to determine which type of bulb to buy, and follow the instructions on the bulb packaging to install the bulb. Typically, it is necessary to remove the light cover before installing the bulb.

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